1948, Central School of China Communist Youth League (CSCCYL) was founded and started offering youth leaders training programs in Pingshan, Hebei Province;

1983, the Two-year Associate-degree programs to youth leaders began;

1985, CYUPS was founded and started to offer the Ethical and Political Education B.A. program; 

1985, Continuing Education programs started; 

1993, the Department of Law and Department of Social Work opened; 

1994, the Department of National Economics opened; 

1996, the Department of Journalism and Communication began operations; 

1997, the National Qualifying Assessment on Undergraduate Programs was passed;

1998, 50th Anniversary of CSCCYL; 

2000, the Vocational Technology School was set up; 

2002, the Training Programs of Chinese Language for Foreigners started; 

2004, Master’s Degree programs in Criminology, Ethical and Political Education began;

2005, 20th Anniversary of CYUPS and the Youth Development Institute opened;

2006, School of Chinese Marxist Studies, School of Social Work, Chinese Marxism Reserch Center were established;

2012,the agreement between the Central Committe of Communist Youth League and Ministry of Education on co-building CYUPS was signed.

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