Established in December of 1985 on the basis of the Central School of China Communist Youth League (CCYL), China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYUPS) is an institute of higher education affiliated with the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League. Today, CYUPS takes up the responsibilities of offering regular higher education programs and providing training courses for youth leaders. Mr. Qin Yizhi, the incumbent Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, is the current President, while Dr. Ni Bangwen is the Chairman of Univerisity Council and Dr. Wang Xinqing is the Executive Vice-president and legal representative.


CYUPS features intense academic atmosphere, distinctive cultural activities of various societies and the tradition of active participation in social practice. A considerable number of students have volunteered their services in the Olympic Games, World Expo and various welfare or volunteer agencies. The university always encourages students to make attempts in all kinds of practice. We believe that a sense of social responsibility and the spirit of innovation are essential qualities of outstanding young people.


The graduates of CYUPS are widely recognized in the society. In 2011, among the top 100 colleges and universities with best graduates, CYUPS ranked 57 nationwide (the average academic capacity of teachers ranked 98 and freshmen quality ranked 32) and ranked 17 in Beijing (the average academic capacity of teachers ranked 22 and freshmen quality ranked 14).


 In cooperation with  United Nations Children's Fund and  International Labour Organization and many other International organizations , CYUPS has carried out a number of long-term projects. CYUPS has also forged partnership with over 20 colleges and academic institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan and Korea on extensive cooperation in undergraduate and postgraduate education, research cooperation and academic exchange.


Having stepped into the new period of development, CYUPS will continue to stick to the feature of “youth” and “political science” and make a concerted effort to develop CYUPS into an important base of high-quality administrative talent cultivation and of national youth studies. CYUPS will stride forward confidently for the construction of a teaching- and-research-based university with distinctive features.  ©2012 China Youth University of Political Studies All Rights Reserved