The main task of the international exchange department include: following the guiding thinking of the university and its objectives in talent training, serve the central task of teaching and research work, carry out international cooperation and exchanges, and expand international cooperation in education. Its specific duties are as follows:


1. In accordance with the policies and regulations of the state on foreign affairs and the requirements of the supervisor departments, the department is responsible for formulating rules and regulations of the university on international cooperation and exchanges.


2. Be responsible for formulating annual plan and budget for foreign affair activities of the university; be responsible for the application, management and use of foreign expert funds.


3. Be responsible for managing international cooperation and exchanges, and coordinate foreign-related activities and project-operation of various departments of the university, in the form of project management.


4. Be responsible for coordination and management work related to the negotiation, contracting and implementation of international cooperative education, international exchange and cooperation projects of the university.


5. Be responsible for the mutual-visits for exchange arranged by higher authorities, and the reception of foreign delegations invited by the university.


6. Be responsible for the hiring and management of foreign experts and teachers. Develop and declare the annual long- (short-) term plan for foreign expert hiring, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the hiring of foreign experts, and organize the related assessment work; be responsible for the management of visa, residence formalities and accommodation of foreign experts and teachers.


7.Be responsible for developing international student enrollment plan, coordinate teaching departments to implement the teaching of academic classes and language classes of international students; be responsible for receiving the students’ tuition fee and accommodation fee, and handling their admission procedures, insurance and residence formalities; be responsible for the service in international students’ lives and the management of foreign teachers.


8. Participate in the holding of international academic conference sponsored by the university, and be responsible for project application and approval and other formalities.


9. The audit, application and approval and formality-handling of the public overseas errands of the staff of the university.  ©2012 China Youth University of Political Studies All Rights Reserved