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“China Youth University of Political Studies”-The New English Name for the University

On May 22, a decision was made at the president’s office meeting: changing the English name of our university to “China Youth University of Political Studies”. It means that our university is a national university characteristic of youth and political studies and abbreviated as “CYUPS”.

Our university has adopted the name “China Youth University for Political Sciences” since 2001. The name, however, has been raising suggestions from many teachers and students for two major problems: “Political Sciences” is rarely used in English-speaking countries, and “for” is not the suitable preposition here.

For this reason, a panel of experts was set up to discuss the English name of our university. Teachers and professors from our university, Regent University in America, and Beijing Normal University and an editor from China International Publishing Group were invited to be part of the panel. Based on international practice, in accordance with specific conditions of our university, and using the English names of other Chinese universities for reference, the panel submitted a proposal including three modified English names to president’s office meeting, which decided after discussion to adopt “China Youth University of Political Studies”. The new name bears the same meaning with its Chinese equivalent, and the same acronym with the former English name, “CYUPS”. Our university can still be referred to as “CYUPS” like before.

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