CYUPS School of Law Guest Professor Shinya Murase Was Re-elected as ILCUN Committee Member
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On November 3, 2016, the 71st Session of United Nations General Assembly held the re-election for the 34 seats of committee members of the International Law Commission of the United Nations (ILCUN) by ballot. In the Asian Division, ten candidates competed for seven seats. Despite fierce competition, CYUPS School of Law Guest Professor Shinya Murase was successfully re-elected with 148 votes for a 4-year term from 2017 to 2021.

The resume of Professor Shinya Murase

Professor Shinya Murase was elected as ILCUN Committee Member in 2009, and was re-elected by ballot at the United Nations General Assembly in 2011 for a second term till 2016. In 2013, he was also appointed by the International Law Commission as Special Rapporteur to direct the research on the issue of “Protecting the Atmosphere”. Up to now, he has submitted three reports to the commission.

In 2014, he was employed by CYUPS as a quest professor, providing School of Law graduates majored in International Law with courses including international legislation, international environmental law and international dispute settlement. Besides, in the recent couple of years, he actively participated in the training of CYUPS representative team for the JESSUP Moot Court Competition and played an important role in the team making outstanding achievements. Last year, he donated his private collection of more than 2,000 significant foreign books and periodicals on international law to CYUPS library. Due to his arrangement, CYUPS also received the discs of lectures given by famous experts on international law recorded by UN Audiovisual Library of International Law from the Compilation Division of UN Office of Legal Affairs. The lectures covered 30 topics of international law.

In recognition of the academic and professional level of the graduates, he selected several graduates to participate in the preparation work for his reports on “Protecting the Atmosphere”. He also recommended successively four international law graduates to participate in the summer training class organized by Hague Academy of International Law and generously aided them financially to sit in on the annual meeting of the International Law Commission held in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations Headquarters. These students were respectively Zhang Maoli, Gao Lihua, Wang Shan and Qi Quanmei.

Besides, Professor Shinya Murase also spoke highly of CYUPS and CYUPS School of Law students on various important occasions, and made important contributions to CYUPS international law disciplinary development and the cultivation of law school students.

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