• Youth Development Research Center
The center plays an important role in the integration of on-campus and off-campus resources in an effective way to strengthen scientific researches on major practical and theoretical issues concerning youth development, youth affairs, youth work, etc. Consultation services and recommendations are provided to related authorities to enhance our service capability and core competitiveness of scientific research.
• China Social Work Research Center
Theoretical and practical researches on China’s social work are carried out and related academic achievements are made here. It applies for and undertakes research projects related to social construction, social development, social work and social services and promotes the accomplishment of these projects.
• Theoretical Research Institute of Communist Youth League
The Institute of Work Theory Research of the Communist Youth League was founded in 2008. It studies the theories of the Communist Youth League’s construction, development and work. Through the integration of all kinds of on-campus and off-campus academic resources, a trans-disciplinary research team is formed for the development of the Communist Youth League. It also plays an important role in theoretical researches, academic exchanges, personnel training and consultation services.
• Chinese Marxism Research Center
• China Volunteer Service Information Research Center
• Institute of Ideological and Political Education
• Youth Law Research Institute
• Research Center for College Students Development
• Research Center for College Students Quality Extension
• Institute of Oriental Culture
• Science and Public Affairs Research Institute
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