Academic research, one of the key areas that colleges and universities focus on , effectively supports CYUPS’s transition from a teaching-based school to a teaching-and-researching-based shool and the improvement of our teaching quality. 


Research achievements have grown in quantity and quality. Since 2004, the numbers of both research papers and books published by the teachers have maintained sustained increase. Among the published are more than 3400 papers and over 300 monographs, translations and college textbooks, including such excellent works as The History of European Renaissance(12 volumes) and Liang Zhuang:China in Miniature. All these have further laid a solid foundation for CYUPS as a university with abundant academic research abilities. In addition, more than 70 monographs and translations have been printed with the help of our Publication Foundation which finances the publishing of academic works and doctoral dissertation, manifesting our rigorousness, step-by-step approach and pursuit of excellence in academic research.


Our research projects are distinct and unique in theme. Since 2004, our teachers have been engaged in nearly 100 research projects themed “Youth Studies”, including nearly 30 projects which study the youth at provincial and ministerial level and higher, with over 700 published research works. All these have further given a better expression to our school characteristics.


The number of research projects has increased greatly. In recent years, our teachers have been engaged in more than 820 projects at university level and higher, including over 370 off-campus projects and over 450 on-campus ones. There are more than 170 projects entrusted by provincial and ministerial government departments and higher, with great social and academic influence, and more than 200 projects from various domestic and international clients such as Party and government offices, enterprises and institutions and non-profit social organizations, bringing about good social benefits. As for the more than 450 on-campus projects, 780 papers have been published and 25 monographs, translations and reports have been submitted, which has resulted in the optimizing and improvement of our academic personnel and the overall research level.


A variety of research organizations with separate roles have come into being. In 2011, with the integration of research abilities and competitive resources, the Youth Research Institute was founded, consisting of the Youth Development Research Center, the China Social Work Research Center, and the Theoretical Research Institute of Communist Youth League. The specialized research centers and institutions such as the Chinese Marxism Research Center, the Chinese Volunteering Information Research Center, the Ethical and Political Education Research Institute, the Youth Legal Studies Institute, College Students Development Research Center, College Students Outward Bound College Students, Oriental Culture Institute, and Science and Public Affairs Institute, accompanied by the 11 departments, constitute the system of our research organizations, essential to the sustainable development of our academic research work.  ©2012 China Youth University of Political Studies All Rights Reserved