The predecessor of the library of China Youth University for Political Sciences is the library of Central Communist Youth League that was founded in 1949. The newly built library building is comprised of administration area, academic exchange and conference area, reading hall, newspaper and periodical reading area, book-borrowing area, foreign literature reading area, reference book reading area, multimedia area, audio-visual room, training room, small seminar rooms and recreational bar. The library has a staff of 26.


The library collection, dominated by social and humanity sciences, is closely connected with the undergraduate teaching, discipline establishment and research orientations. The collected volumes amount to about 800,000. The library has 33 full-text database and index database available in both English and Chinese, including 26 Chinese databases and 7 English databases. The number of e-book database is 4 and the ratio of p-book to e-book purchased after 1990 is over 95%. With the complete youth data as its distinctive collection, the library has built up the Bibliographic Database of Youth Research Papers, which includes tens of thousands of items. The library has 40 different current youth-related magazines and newspapers and 400 different outdated youth-related magazines and newspapers, as well as document assembly of different historical periods and tens of thousands of youth-related books. All these collections provide rich resources of literature for Chinese and international scholars to conduct researches in youth. Besides, the library also includes a special collection of nearly 6,000 volumes donated by Deng Yingchao.


The library has established cooperative relations with China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library (CASHL) and Beijing Adademic Library & Information System (BALIS). Besides, interlibrary borrowing of paper literature between 75 college libraries of service is also available in CYUPS and transfer of electronic original of western periodicals, conference literature and dissertations unavailable in our library is realized.


When problems or difficulties are encountered in the use of the library, readers can get the consulting services of the librarians at any time. Readers can also receive help through e-mail or online consultation on the home page of the library.  ©2012 China Youth University of Political Studies All Rights Reserved