There are 12 schools and departments in total, offering 15 master programs: Marxist Philosophy, Basic Tenets of Marxism, Foreign Philosophy, Ideological & Political Education, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Procedural Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Sociology, World Economics, Finance, Quantitative Economics, Journalism, Juris Master (candidates from law and non-law academic background), covering five disciplines: philosophy, law, management science, economics and literature. CYUPS also offers 13 bachelor programs: Ideological & Political Education, Law, Social Work, Labor and Social Security, Sociology, Economics, Financial Management, International Economy and Trade, Journalism, Radio and Television Journalism, Political Science and Public Administration, Chinese Language and Literature, and English, among which Social Work, Ideological & Political Education, Law, and Political Science and Public Administration are distinctive majors of the Ministry of Education.


A multi-layer educational structure is solidified with a variety of educational and training programs available to the public, including undergraduate and graduate programs, overseas student programs, continued educational programs and youth leaders training programs. Besides, CYUPS has been approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the Cultural Quality Cultivation Base for University Students. CYUPS has also been nominated by All-China Youth Federation and International Labour Organization as the KAB Entrepreneurship Cultivation Base for University Students, and in cooperation with Beijing Municipality, CYUPS has established the Beijing Research Institute of Social Work and Talent Development and the Life Education Base for Young People.