Established in October of 2002, Department of Public Administration (DPA) offers the undergraduate program of politics and administrative science and students meeting stipulated requirements shall receive Bachelor’s Degree in Law. In 2010, the program of politics and administrative science was approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the sixth group of Demonstration Majors of High Education.



The program of politics and administrative science is targeted toward the cultivation of research-oriented elites and application-oriented high-quality professionals with solid basic skills, outstanding abilities and an international view. The students shall learn the basic theories and knowledge of political science, administrative science, economics, management science and law. They will receive basic training in political science research, administration, public policy analysis and social survey, and grasp the basic ability of investigation, research, analysis, judgment, coordination and organization. At the same time, for students of different types, our department has designed different training approaches: for research-oriented students, the approach is “basic knowledge + major module of selective reading (classroom teaching and reading activity) + research methodology and thesis writing + graduation dissertation + leadership development + professional mentoring”; and for application-oriented students, the approach is “basic knowledge + major module of application-oriented knowledge + leadership development + emphasis on practice teaching + double degree (secondary specialization, vocational qualification certificate, etc.) + occupation tutorial system”.



Currently, DPA has 15 full-time teachers, all of whom are professors, associate professors or doctors. The teaching and research activities focus on the following subjects: basic theories of public administration, public policy analysis, public organization and human resource management, political philosophy, local government administration and leadership science.



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