Bachelor's Degree in Politics and Administration
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Participants on this program are required to study the primary theories of Marxism, and the basic theories and knowledge of politics, economics, law, and management. The students will attain a systematic training in political research, public policy analysis, and social survey and statistics.
The program guides students in developing the ability to conduct independent research, and take part in public management process. The students are also expected to acquire a mastery of a foreign language. The graduates may find job opportunities in public organizations, universities, research institutes, companies, and other social organizations.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Basic Marxism Theories
• Mao thoughts
• Introduction to Deng Theories
• Chinese Modern History Outline
• Ethical Education
• Basics of Law
• General Logic
• College Chinese
• English
• Computer Science
• Advanced Mathematics
Preparatory Course • Politics
• Public Administration
• Economics
• Management
• Methodology of Social Research
Core Course • Public Policy
• Political Economics
• Institutional Economics
• Public Finance
• Human Resources Management
• Organizational Behavior
• City Government
• Organizational Leadership
• Administrative Law and Procedures
• Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics
• History of Western Political Thoughts
• History of Chinese Political Thoughts
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