With a history of ten years, Computer Science and Application Center (CSAC) is in charge of the delivery of computer-related courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University. CSAC is also responsible for the informationization construction of the University and the IT training of the faculty and staff. In 2008, by virtue of the project of “Practice of Information Literacy Cultivation of Liberal Arts Students”, the CSAC team was awarded the second prize of Education and Teaching Achievement of Beijing Municipality. In March of 2009, we were regarded as the Demonstration Post of Women Civilization and in the same year, the CSAC team was awarded by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education as the Outstanding Teaching Team of Beijing Municipality.


Currently, there are 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 9 lecturers (including 3 doctors and 2 doctor candidates) in our center, among whom several have other major background such as mathematics, economics and advertising media, which greatly facilitates the delivery of courses that integrate computer application research and other majors. The courses offered by out center include College Computer Basics, Database Technology and Programming (compulsory), PhotoShop Image Processing, C-programming, Design of Print Media, Network Security, Advanced Application of EXCEL, Computer Culture, Webpage Making, Design of Video Media, The Art of Computer Search, Quick Development of Website, FLASH Animation Design, Linux Operating System and MATLAB Programming. College Computer Basics and Webpage Making, which passed the curriculum acceptance with the highest score, are Excellent Courses of the University.


The Laboratory of Intelligent Computing and Information Processing” is the platform for the development of research of our center. The “IT studio”, which is targeted toward the cultivation of the students’ interest in extracurricular computer learning, has students divided into six different groups of different orientations. In the studio, the teachers guide the students in their further learning, practice and application in the fields of computer and IT, so s to improve the basic ability of computer technology of students of liberal arts.


The members of the team never stop their learning to improve themselves; among them, 1 has been to Denmark, 3 have been to the United States and 1 has been to Canada as visiting scholars, and many have participated in the certification or training offered by Cisco CCNA, CCNP, ADOBE, Oracle, J2EE, Microsoft.NET and obtained corresponding certificates.


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