Master's Degree in World Economy
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This program is intended to help students develop the ability to conduct research projects and address practical issues involving international economic activities. The subjects of the courses largely relate to the realities of China’s and the world’s economic life. On completion of the program, the students will be familiar with the fundamental theories and methodologies of economics, and the current situations and policies of China’s economic reform and opening up drive.
The graduates are trained to be capable for performing functions of administration, research, and policy consultation in public organizations, research institutions, and higher education institutions.
The Master’s program has three specializations: Comprehensive Problems in World Economy, Economic Reform, and International Economic Relations. The curriculum is composed of four types of courses, preparatory courses, fundamental courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Compulsory Course • Advanced Microeconomics
• Advanced Macroeconomics
• Contemporary Global Economic
• Econometrics
• International Trading Theory and Policy
• Comparative Studies on Economic systems
• China Economic Theories and Realistic Prob-lems
Selective Course • Currency Theory and Policy
• Accounting
• Economics Law
• Database Technology and Application
• International Finance
• Service Trade
• Game Theory
• Institutional Economics
• International Marketing
• Governmental Economics
•International Investment and Transnational Companies
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