Master's Degree in Quantitative Economics
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Quantitative economics is an interdisciplinary subject that combines economics, statistics, maths and computer technology. This program focus on studying frontier and hot issues in economics with the quantitative method. Students are expected to master modern scientific analyzing methods and adopt international perspective of vision and foresight so as to be adept in handling economic affairs and doing researches.
Three specializations are available for choice in this Master’s degree program: Econometrics, Game Theory and Economic Simulation, Financial Engineering and Financial Econometrics.
The program runs for three years, half of the time for class sessions, and half for research assignments and field study.
The curriculum is composed of three types of courses, preparatory courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Compulsory Course • Advanced Microeconomics
• Mathematical Economic
• Advanced Macroeconomics
• Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Its Application
• Operations Research
• Literature of Quantitative Economics
• Frontier Issues in China’s Economy
Selective Course • Monetary Theories and Policies
• Academic Research Methods
• Time Series Analysis
• International Finance Studies
• Game Theory and Information Economics
• Financial Engineering
• Corporate Finance
• Financial Derivatives
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