Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature
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The objective of this program is to foster students who have a basic knowledge of English language, exhibit adequate language proficiency, and have a good understanding of the operations and theories of public services. It is anticipated that students will go no to develop careers by utilizing their good command of English.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Basic Marxism Theories
• Chinese Modern History Outline
• Ethical Education
• Law
• Basics of Writing
• English
• Computer Science
Preparatory Course • Intensive Reading
• Extensive Reading English in Audio-visuals
• Advanced English Reading
• Advanced Writing
• Oral Workshop
• History of British and American Literature
• Translation
• Second Foreign Language
Core Course • Lexicology
• Stylistics
• History of English Language
• Magazine and Periodicals Reading
• British and American Culture,
• Interpretation
• General Introduction to British and American Society
• Selected Reading of British and American Literature
• Linguistics
• Public Management
• General Introduction to Public Policy
• Public Economics
• Human Resources Management
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