Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
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Participants on this program are expected to be highly familiar with the fundamental theories of journalism and mass communication, and understand well the public policies and legal regulations for press and media.
Throughout the duration of the program, the students develop an acute sensibility and adaptability to the rapidly changing environments of China’s reform and opening up movements and globalization. On completion of the program, the students may launch careers as reporters, editors, and administrators in news agencies, publishing institutions, and public relations departments in the government.
Besides the core courses of journalism, some other courses are included in the curriculum framework to broaden the students’ knowledge of Chinese culture and sciences in a general sense.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Philosophy
• Political Economics
• Introduction to Mao Thoughts
• Introduction to Deng Theories
• Contemporary World Economy and Politics
• International Relations
• English
• Computer Science
• Basics of Law
• General Logic
Preparatory Course • Advanced Mathematics
• Sociology
• Sociological Statistics
• Western Economics
• Western Politics
• Ancient Chinese Literature
• Contemporary Chinese Literature
• Foreign Literature
• Chinese Journalism History
• Western Journalism History
• Dissertation Preparation
Core Course


•News Writing
• News Editing
• News Review
• Photography

• TV News Program Making

• Principles of Communication

• Advertising
• Public Relations
• Media Management

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