Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting and TV Journalism
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The program lays emphasis on the learning of primary theories and techniques of mass communication in broadcasting and television. The students will attain a general background knowledge of Chinese culture and sciences, and will become familiar with the public policies and legal regulations regarding mass communication in broadcasting and television. With expertise in mass communication in broadcasting and television, the students will be ready for the demands of the 21st century.
The graduates are expected to be competent for the jobs with such tasks as news gathering, news composition, news report editing, and creative project designing in organizations specializing in mass communication, film making and television program editing.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Philosophy
• Political Economy
• Introduction to Mao Thoughts
• Introduction to Deng Theories
• Contemporary World Economy and Political
• International Relations
• English
• Computer Science
• Basics of Law
• General Logic
Preparatory Course • Introduction to Broadcasting and Television
• Journalism Theories
• Chinese Film Industry History
• World Film Industry History
• Contemporary Chinese Literature
• Ancient Chinese Literature
• Foreign Literature
• Literature Theory
• Contemporary Western Literature Theory
• Sociology
• Western Economics
• Western Politics
• Thesis Preparation
Core Course • Mass Communication Theories
• Film Appreciation and Analysis
• Film Theories
• Film and TV Directing
• Film and TV Com mentary
• Script Writing
• Film and TV Recording and Photography
• Psychology of Film and TV Mass Communication
• Communication Research Methods
• Mass Communication Law and Ethics
• News Gathering
• Newspaper and Magazine Editing
• Media Management
• Introduction to Advertisement (English Textbook)
• Public Relations (English Textbook)
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