Master's Degree in Journalism
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This Master’s program aims to establish a foundation of knowledge in the discipline of journalism and to provide a series of studies which address competencies, knowledge and skills necessary for successful career development in news media, governmental agencies, research institutions.
The department offers the journalism graduate students five specialization options: Communication and Political Civilization, Professional Operations of Contemporary Journalists, Chinese and Foreign Journalism History, Journalism Ethics and Regulations, and Media and Youth.
The program is of three year’s duration, half of the time spent in the class-session learning and master thesis, half undertaking research, field work, and teaching exercises.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Compulsory Course • Advanced Microeconomics
• Advanced Macroeconomics
• Contemporary Global Economic
• Econometrics
• International Trading Theory and Policy
Selective Course • American Mass Media
• New Mass Media
• Research on Supervision by Public Opinion
• Pubic Relations Research
• Advanced News Commentary
• Media and Youth
• Advanced News Editing
• Media and Culture
• Media Ethics
• TV Journalism
• Journalism English
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