Master's Degree in Criminal Law
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On completion of the degree program, the students will have built a solid foundation of knowledge and theory in Chinese and foreign criminal laws. They will be adept in conducting advanced juridical investigation and research. The department makes four specializations available for students: Criminology, Criminal Procedures, History of Chinese Criminal Law, and Juvenile Criminology.
The program runs for three years, half of the time for class sessions, and half for research assignments and field study. The curriculum comprises, preparatory courses, fundamental courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Compulsory Course • Introduction to Criminal Law
• Institutional and Philosophic History of Chinese
• Criminal Law
• Seminar on Criminal Procedures
• Specialized Criminology Studies
• Crime Studies
• Evidence Studies
• Criminal Laws in Foreign Countries
Selective Course • Western Juridical Philosophy Seminar
• Selected Literature on Criminology
• Criminal Justice Operations Seminar
• Criminal Law Interpretation
• Criminal Investigation
• Criminal Policy Studies
• Juvenile Crimes and Justice
• Prison Law Studies
• International Criminal Law
• Criminal Justice and Case Studies
• Legal Sociology
• Legal English
• Seminar on Physical Evidence and Forensic Science
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