Master's Degree in Civil and Commercial Law
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By participating in the in this degree program, the students will establish a firm basis of knowledge on the fundamental theories of civil and commercial law. They will be extensively familiar with related regulations of civil and commercial law, and will have developed a comprehensive understanding of current legal status and research updates.
Six specializations are available for choice in this Master’s degree program: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Marriage and Family Law, Real Estate Law, Communication and Cyber Law.
The program runs for three years, half of the time for class sessions, and half for research assignments and field study.
The curriculum is composed of three types of courses, preparatory courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses.

Preparatory Course

• Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism

Compulsory Course

• General Principles of Civil Law
• Corporate Law
• Real Right Law
• Contract Law
• Tort Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Marriage and Family Law
• Insurance Law

Selective Course

• Western Juridical Philosophy
• Roman Law
• Civil Litigation Law
• Constitution Studies
• Arbitration Law
• Selected Readings in Legal Originals
• Real Estate Law
• Cyber Law
• Conflicts Law
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