Juris Master (JM for Non-law Majors)
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This degree program, adopted from the US’s Juris Doctor (JD) program, is designed for students who are not law majors during their under-graduation By participating in the in this degree program, the students will establish a comprehensive knowledge of law, accompanied by politics, management, sociology, foreign languages, computer and other majors. They will have the abilities to manage law affairs and do researches.
The program runs for three years, with class sessions, case studies and various research assignments and field studies.
The curriculum is composed of four types of courses, preparatory courses, compulsory courses, selective courses, and practical courses.

Compulsory Course

• Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism

Compulsory Course

• Jurisprudence
• Constitution Studies
• General Principles of Civil Law
• Chinese Legal History
• Specific Provisions of Civil Law
• General Principles of Criminal Law
• Specific Provisions of Criminal Law
• Civil Litigation Law
• Criminal Litigation Law
• Administration Law and Administrative Litigation Law
• Economic Law
• International Economic Law

Selective Course

• Contract Law
• International Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• International Private Law
• Commercial Law
• Evidence Law
• Labor Law
• Oratory
• Methodologies of Social Sciences
• Environment and Resource Law
• Arbitration Law
• Tax Law
• Investigation and Identification
• Youth Law
• Cyber Law
• Principles of Economics
• Social Investigation Methods

Practical Course

• Clinical Legal Education
• Legal Writing
• Legal Professional Ethics
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