Established in June of 2003, Department of Chinese Language and Literature(DCLL) is the host of the undergraduate program of Chinese language and literature, which enrolls students nationwide. Currently, there are 29 full-time teachers in DCLL, among whom 18 are professors and associate professors and 18 are doctors. Besides, DCLL has 2 guest professors.


Making use of the advantages of the University in cultivation of application-oriented talents of public management and youth research, DCLL has formed a contingent of teachers that accord great importance to “rigorous and pragmatic teamwork, inclusive and harmonious academic mind, and coordinated and flexible working capacity". With literature as the focus, DCLL attaches equal importance to ancient and contemporary literature and to Chinese and foreign literature. In addition, DCLL pays particular attention to quality and general education, encourages the intercommunication of literature, history and philosophy, co-construction of basic culture and humanistic ideas, fostering of scientific spirit and aesthetic accomplishment, and combination of theory with practice. DCLL has been striving to provide outstanding undergraduates with solid skills, a broad range of knowledge, a strong sense of social responsibility, fine artistic appreciation and excellent socially adaptive abilities for areas such as party and government administration, academic research, culture and education, propaganda, and social and community services.


The courses offered by DCLL include Linguistics and Chinese, Chinese and Foreign Literary Theories and History of Chinese and Foreign Literature, Public Speaking, Writing and Literary Criticism, Chinese and World History and Cultural Trends, Studies of Writers, Books and Genres, and Bibliography and Folklore, and special attention is given to social practice and internship, as well as supervision of school year thesis and dissertation.


In recent years, DCLL teachers have published over 400 academic articles and about 100 monographs in the fields of literature, history and logic, exerting a significant influence in and out of China. The student literature club “Kui She” issues a literary magazine periodically and holds every year the May Poetry Party, which is well-known among the universities in Beijing.