Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature
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The program is designed to build up the students’ systemic comprehension and appreciation of literature, history, and Chinese and other major languages in some developed countries. The program puts an emphasis on strengthening students’ levels of English.
Graduates will acquire the skills necessary for handling real life problems, document drafting and management, and conduct research for governmental agencies, publishing houses, newspapers, educational institutions and enterprises.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Basic Marxism Theories
• Mao Thoughts
• Introduction to Deng Theories
• China Modern History Outline
• Ethical Education
• Basics of Law
• English
• Computer Science
Preparatory Course • Chinese Classical Literature History
• History of Chinese Modern Literature
• Literature Theory
• Comparative Literature Studies
• Foreign Literature Studies
• Modern Chinese Language
• Classical Chinese Language
• Linguistics
Core Course • Aesthetics
• Western Literature Theories
• Chinese Writing
• Chinese Classics Studies
• Selected Reading of British and American Literature
• Folklore in Literature
• Selected Topics in Chinese History
• Selected Topics in Cyber-literature
• Modern Western Philosophical Thoughts
• Studies on Works of Lu Xun
• Studies on Dream of the Red Chamber
• Sociolinguistics
• History of Cultural Exchange of China and Western Countries
•Cultural Anthropology
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