Name:ZHANG Xian

Professional titles:Associate Professor

Education:PhD in Literature

Teaching courses: College Chinese,Practical Writing, Theory and Practice of...

Research direction:Literature and Its Law of Development, Cyber Culture, Pra...


Name:DING Shaohua

Professional titles:Associate Professor/Secretary of the Party General Branch

Education:Master of Education

Teaching courses: Group Work, Individual and Group Management

Research direction:Social Group Work, Group Management,Youth Education


Name:WEI Wanlei

Professional titles:Lecturer/Deputy Dean

Education:PhD in History

Teaching courses: History of Chinese Social Life in the 20th Century, Histo...

Research direction:History of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Thoughts, Poli...


Name:ZHU Ling

Professional titles:Associate Professor


Teaching courses: Chinese, Children Literature, Ancient Literature, College...

Research direction:Children Literature and Education, Ancient Writers and Wo...

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