Established in December of 2006, School of Chinse Maxist Studies (SCMS) is in charge of the teaching of ethical-political theories and offers several graduate programs of relevant disciplines. Professor Wei Jianhua, former Director of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, is now Dean of SCMS.


SCMS consists of five teaching and research divisions offering five different courses: Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Socialist Theoretical System with Chinese Characteristics, Outline of Modern Chinese History, Introduction to the Basic Tenets of Marxism, Cultivation of Ethics and Fundamentals of Law, and Contemporary World Economy and Politics. Having set up Research Institute of Marxism History and Research Institute of Ethical and Political Education, SCMS offers three master programs – Marxism Fundamentals, Marxism Philosophy and Foreign Philosophy.


SCMS has a total staff of 20, including 17 teaching and researching staff and 3 administrative staff. Among the 17 teachers and researchers, there are 3 professors, 8 associate professors and 6 lecturers, among whom 11 are master’s supervisor. Besides,SCMS has made a special effort to pool the teaching staff of the University and engage them to participate in the teaching and researching of ideological and political courses and the graduate education.


Currently having a team of backbone teachers from the former teaching and research sections of philosophy, Party history, social sciences and political and economic studies, SCMS enjoys a strong capacity of teaching and researching. So far there have been great number of lecturers winning the first prize of the Municipal Teaching Contest and obtaining the title of Outstanding Teacher. In research, SCMS lecturers have presided over and completed a number of projects of National Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund and various research projects at provincial and ministerial level. The lecturers of SCMS are also winners of the first and second prize of Outstanding Achievement of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing Municipality, and authors of many high-quality academic articles in Social Sciences in China and Philosophical Researches and a number of influential monographs. Enjoying a lively atmosphere of academic research, SCMS has been continuously making significant contributions to teaching, scientific research and social services.