Master's Degree in Foreign Philosophy
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This Master’s program aims to lead the students to grasp the theories and development history of western philosophy. The graduates from the program are expected to be able to do jobs in education, independent research, editing and compilation of newspapers and magazines in the area of western philosophy.
Duration of study is three years, part of time for class sessions and Master thesis writing, part for field study and practical work.
The students have four choices for specialization: Western Philosophy History, Marxism Philosophy Research, Marxism Philosophy and Contemporary Society, and Marxism Philosophy and Contemporary Civilization.
The curriculum comprises four types of courses, preparatory courses, fundamental courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Fundamental Course • Greek Philosophy Research
• Christianity Research
• Modern Western Philosophy
• Marxism Research
• Selected Readings in Western Philosophical Originals
Compulsory Course • Philosophy of Hume and Kant
• Analytic Philosophy
• Scientific Philosophy
• Philosophy in the Renaissance
lective Course • Frontier of Philosophy
• Feminism Philosophy
• Political Philosophy
• Modern Science and Technology
• Western Marxism
• Phenomenology
• Benjamin’s Thoughts
• Chinese Philosophy
• Youth and Youth Work
• Russian Philosophy
• Ethical Issues Research
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