Having set the primary goal of improving the students’ physical fitness and health, Physical Education Center, with numerous sports activities as a starting point, strives to promote the harmonious physical and mental development of students based on the guiding principle of “mastering the technical skills of sports, developing the good habit of lifelong physical exercise and cultivation of competition awareness, team spirit and strong will”.
In the past 20 years since the establishment of the University, Physical Education Center has won the title of “Beijing Municipal Excellent Team of Group Work” and “Advanced Sports Unit of Beijing Municipality” for 16 times, and for several years consecutively, over 90% of students have passed the test of National Students’ Physical Health Standard.
As a teaching sector directly affiliated with the University, Physical Education Center has 14 full-time teachers delivering compulsory and selective PE courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. The Center is also responsible for the organization and guidance of student extracurricular physical activities, training of the school sports team, on-campus and off-campus competitions, guidance for student sport club, test of National Students’ Physical Health Standard, the operation of the stadium, guidance for the faculty sport association and research in sports.
The Center has 14 teachers and the following table shows the faculty structure:
  Number Percentage (%)
Professor 1 7.1
Associate professor 6 35.3
Master sportsman 3 21.4
National-class referee 7 50
First-class national referee 6 42.9
National-class aerobics instructor 1 7.1
Aerobics trainer 1 7.1
Asian physical fitness coach of aerobic professional 2 14.3
Social sport instructor 7 50
PhD 1 7.1
Master 6 35.3
Teachers at and under the age of 45 8 71.4

Currently, the Center offers 31 sports courses at 4 different levels
Special PE Classes for Junior Special PE Classes for Sophomore Selective PE Classes for Undergraduates and Postgraduates Grade 1 to 4
basketball roller skating basketball roller skating football sports dancing PE health-care curriculum
volleyball aerobics volleyball body building basketball hip pop
football La La drilling football aerobics rackets physique
tennis yoga tennis yoga badminton yoga
ball for men fencing ball for men physique tennis Pilates
ball for women rhythmic gymnastics ball for women martial arts for men ping pong outdoor sport
handball   handball martial arts for women body building through fitness appliances Latin Aerobics
Pilates   track and field kickboxing shadowboxing  
martial arts for men   fencing rhythmic gymnastics kickboxing  
martial arts for women   La La drilling Pilates security and self-defense  

Physical Education Center has four teams: track & field, volleyball, kickboxing and Alpine skiing. With a concerted effort of the trainers and team members, the teams have been reaping laurels for the University for years.
Physical Education Center offers firm support for sport-related researches of teachers. In the past five years, the teachers have accomplished 15 research projects and published 89 academic articles, 2 monographs and 13 textbooks and reference books. In the 15th Symposium of Sport Sciences Research of Institutions of Higher Education in Beijing held in 2010, one teacher of the Center won the second prize, five won the third prize and the Center won the Excellent Organization Award.