School of Social Work (SSW)  was established in December of 2006 and its forerunner is Department of Social Work and Management set up in 1993, the first department-level teaching unit of the major of social work in Chinese Mainland. Currently, SSW offers programs at two levels – undergraduate and postgraduate, and the programs available are Social Work, Labor and Social Security, and Sociology. SSW has a total staff of 36, including 29 full-time teachers and 7 administrative staff, and there are 893 registered undergraduates and 91 registered postgraduate students.


Sticking to the ultimate goal of imparting knowledge and educating people, SSW adopts the triplet model that includes teaching, research and social service. Paying attention to mutual promotion of teaching and research, mutual fusion of teaching, research and social service, and implementation of the idea of open education, SSW has established a firm and wide relationship with colleges and universities in and out of China as well as research institutes, service agencies and government organs. SSW strives to make a continuous effort to expand the school development space, broaden the students' academic horizon, and produce talents with high political quality, solid theoretical basis, exceptional practical ability, strong sense of socially responsibility and expertise in social work, social security and sociology.


While undertaking the task of teaching, teachers of SSW also play an active role in research work in accordance with the national need of economic and social development needs and the major and specialty of their own. In the recent ten years, SSW teachers have engaged themselves in 65 research projects of different levels of National Social Sciences Fund, National Education Sciences, Social Sciences Fund of Beijing Municipality, Education Sciences of Beijing Municipality, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the CYL Central Committee, successfully acquiring a total amount of research fund of over 8 million Yuan, publishing 356 academic articles in periodicals such as Sociological Studies and Youth Studies, publishing 37 monographs (independently authored or co-authored), 15 text books for colleges and universities and 41 books of other types. SSW has its own library where Chinese and foreign books and materials of social work and of related disciplines are stored.


Following closely the idea of mutual integration of teaching & research and social service, SSW teachers have been actively participating in social services. Some teachers have been hired as expert or consultant of municipal-, provincial- or national-level construction of social work talent pool, among whom two are members of the National Expert Committee for Evaluation of Professional Skills of Social Workers Nationwide. Besides, SSW, together with Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee (Social Construction Office of Beijing Municipality), has jointly established the Beijing Institute of Social Worker Development, offering consultation for the team construction of social work of Beijing Municipality. SSW has also made a cooperative effort with Zhongguancun Street of Haidian District of Beijing Municipality in the establishment of “Huaqingyuan Community Service Station”, offering demonstrations for the development of social work at grass-root units. In cooperation with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, SSW undertook the program of “Growth Guide”, providing professional service to the youngsters. Together with some districts and counties of Beijing, SSW has cooperatively established the “Twin Base”, where training programs for Assistant Social Worker and Social Worker Accreditation Test are held.


Committed to the philosophy of operating university in an open manner, SSW has established contacts with Department of Applied Social Sciences of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Social Work of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration of The University of Hong Kong, Department of Social Work of Taiwan Tunghai University, Department of Social Welfare of Chinese Culture University, Department of Social Work of Taipei University, Graduate School of Social Work of Denver University, Graduate School of Social Services of Fordham University, Hong Kong Shang Kung Hui Welfare Council, Hong Kong Christian Service, and the Methodist Church of Hong Kong, carrying out activities such as academic exchanges, specialized practice and seminars.