Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
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Provided with in-depth knowledge and practical skills, the students in this program are trained to be high-level professionals capable for the relevant jobs in administrative organizations managing civil affairs, labor and social security, public health, as well as other public organizations such as trade unions, youth organizations, and women’s organizations. They are expected to handle such sophisticated responsibilities as human resources management, social security, social policy study, public management, community development and management, social service assessment and operation.
Major Courses
Categories Courses
General Course • Basic Marxism Theories
• Chinese Modern History Outline
• Ethical Education
• Law
• Basics of Writing
• English
• Computer Science
Preparatory Course • Introduction to Sociology
• General Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Sociological Statistics
• Demography
• Social Survey and Research Methods
• Urban and Rural Sociology
• Public Relations
• Social Work English
• Sociological Theories
• Ethnics
• Politics
Core Course • Introduction to Social Work
• Case Work
• Group Work
• Community Work
• Social Policy Analysis
• Administrative Social Work
• Social Work on Youth
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