Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
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The students enrolled in this program will gain a deep understanding of social work theories and develop a broad academic outlook , with extensive skills for practical operations. The students will be familiar with the primary methodology and techniques for social survey and investigation. After graduation, they are expected to handle the relevant work in the governmental and social organizations, and enterprises.
Major Curriculum
Categories Courses
General Course • Basic Marxism Theories
• Chinese Modern History Outline
• Ethical Education
• Law
• Basics of Writing
• English
• Computer Science
Preparatory Course • Introduction to Sociology
• Fundamental Psychology
• Social Statistics
• Western Sociological Theories
• History of Western Social Thoughts
• History of Chinese Social Thoughts
• China’s Social Problems
• Sociological Terminology in English
Core Course • Introduction to Social Work
• Social Research Methodologies
• Social Statistics Software
• Demographic Sociology
• Economic Sociology
• Urban Sociology
• Rural Sociology
• Youth Sociology
• Cultural Anthropology
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