Master's Degree in Sociology
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The Master’s degree program in Sociology is designed to enhance students’ analytical skills for conducting research in social work or in social phenomena, and equip students’ with a working knowledge applicable for real-life issues. The students will be familiar with the primary theories of sociology, social policy and social work, and will master the methodology and methods of applied social research. They will develop the ability and techniques for independent research and operational tasks regarding social work and other related professions.
This program has two orientations, Social Work and Applied Sociology. The curriculum is composed of four types of courses, preparatory courses, fundamental courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses. The Master’s degree program initially provides fundamental background knowledge in Sociology for the students in general, before leading the students to two different specializations, Social Work and Applied Sociology.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Fundamental Course • Social and Humanity Research Methodology
• Contemporary Western Social Theories
• Contemporary Chinese Social Is-sues
Compulsory Course • Social Development Theory
• China Social Policy and Social Se-curity
• Social Work Theories and Method-ology
• Chinese Society Seminar
• Population Research Seminar
Selective Course • Qualitative Research Methods
• Quantitative Research Methods
• Philosophy of Social Security
• Social Service and Administration
• Urban and Rural Community Re-search
• Social Work Operations
• Social Work Research
• Social Work Education Research
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