Youth Work Department (YWD) is the first specialized teaching division of the University. In 1985, Youngster Work Department and Child Work Department were established, which were merged together in 1993 and became today’s Youth Work Department. In 1986, the Department enrolled its first batch of undergraduate students and in 2002, YWD attained the qualification to enroll candidates for master’s degree, making it one of the first master programs of the University. In 2004, YWD began to enroll students for the master program of Marxism and Ideological and Political Education and in 2006, it began to enroll students for the master program of Ideological and Political Education.


Currently, YWD is in charge of the undergraduate and master programs of Ethical and Political Education and of the delivery of professional courses as well as cultivation of talents. YWD has one master program of Ethical and Political Education and students having met certain requirements will be awarded Master’s Degree in Law. The researches of the program are conducted in three orientations: theory and practice of ethical and political education, studies of youth and youth work, and youth and international politics. YWD offers an undergraduate program of Ideological and Political Education, with two major orientations: ethical and political education and social psychology of youth. In 2008, the major of ethical and political education was regarded as the construction point of special major of Ministry of Education. According to the ranking of undergraduate education in Chinese universities, among the 223 colleges and universities that offer the program of ethical and political education, the program in our University ranked 30.


YWD has a staff of 19, including 16 full-time teachers and 3 administrative staff. Among the 16 full-time teachers, there are 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 9 lecturers, 1 post doctor and 10 doctors (including 2 doctor candidates), 5 masters and 3 bachelors. The number of full-time and part-time master supervisors in YWD is 24, including 7 part-time supervisors from other universities.


The monographs and text books that teachers of YWD have published include Convergence and Conflicts of Social Values in East Asia – A Comparison of the Social Consciousness of Youngsters in China, Japan and Korea, Major Problems among Contemporary Chinese University Students, Globalization and International Politics, History of World Youth Movement, History of Sino-Romanian Relations(1880-1980), Comparative Ideological and Political Education and Social Thoughts and Youth Education. In recent years, YWD teachers have also published over 200 articles in academic journals such as International Social Sciences Journal, Youth Studies and China Youth Study, among which 9 were published in international academic journals.


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