Master's Degree in Ethical and Political Education
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The program focuses on building up student’s knowledge on Marxist theories, ethical and ideological development, youth organization and research, and international politics. Graduates from the program are expected to be competent for relevant jobs in public organizations.
Study duration is three years, half of time for class sessions and Master thesis writing, half for field study and practice work. The curriculum is composed of four types of courses, preparatory courses, fundamental courses, compulsory courses, and selective courses. Three specializations are available for this Master’s program, Youth Ethical and Political Education, Youth and Youth Organization, and International Politics.
Preparatory Course • Theories and Practice of Scientific Socialism
Fundamental Course • Marxism Classics
• Marxism Research
• Diplomacy Studies and Youth Diplo-matic Activities
• Theories and Operation of Ethical and Political Education
Compulsory Course • Youth and Youth Organization
• Marxism and Contemporary World
• Globalization and Global Politics
• International Relations Research
• Social Thoughts and Youth Educa-tion
• Chinese Adaptation of Marxism
• Comparative Research on Ethical and Political Education
• International Law Research
Selective Course • Marxism and Contemporary Social Thoughts
• Contemporary Socialism and Capi-talism
• Social Survey Methods
• Problems with Modernization
• Modern Science and Society
• Western Marxism Research
• U. N. and International Organiza-tions
• Political Parties and Politics
• Religious Issues Research
• Ethical Issues Research
• Selected Literature Study of West-ern Youth Research
• Western Social Development
• Studies on Transnational Compa-nies and NGOs
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