Bachelor's Degree in Ethical and Political Education
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This degree program aims to prepare students with a good knowledge of basic Marxism theories, and comprehensive skills in performing ethical and political education for Chinese youth. The curriculum is multi-disciplinary so that the students can receive a comprehensive education in preparation for the complexity of targeted jobs.
The students are cultivated to be professionals qualified for jobs involving youth organization, administrative tasks, ethical and political education in public organizations of varying kinds and at different levels. The program runs for four-year duration and leads to the Bachelor’s degree.
Curriculum Design
The Ethical and Political Education B.A. program is composed of three modules plus an internship term. The three modules are the general course module, preparatory course module, and core course module. All the courses are categorized as elective and compulsory courses. The elective courses build up students’ broad qualifications involving a wide range of subjects in liberal arts, social sciences and natural sciences. The compulsory courses deal with the essential theories and operative knowledge of Ethical and Political Education.
Internship Experience
The internship, a very important component of the degree program, provides students with an opportunity for turning theoretical knowledge into a practical capability. As a special feature, the Department adopts the tutorial system to facilitate the students’ acclimatization to university life in their first year of study.
Major Courses
General Course Basic Marxism Theory, Chinese Modern History Outline, Ethical Education, Basics of Law, Basics of Writing, English, Computer Science
General Course General Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, Educational Theories, Politics
Core Course Principles of Ethical and Political Education, Techniques of Ethical and Political Education, Youth Study, Contemporary Youth Study, Youth Work Theory and Practice, Public Administration
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